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ГДЗ английский язык 9 класс Фоменко, Долгопольская

ГДЗ Английский язык 9 класс Если у вас возникли трудности при выполнении домашнего задания по предмету Английский язык, то данная книга поможет вам найти ответы. С помощью данного решебника вы сможете решить задания 9 класс. Этот решебник позволит вам найти правильное решение онлайн и исправить ошибки.

Уважаемые посетители сайта, если вы не согласны с той информацией которая представлена на данной странице или считаете ее не правильной, не стоит попросту тратить свое время на написание негативных высказываний, вы можете помочь друг другу, для этого присылайте в комментарии свое "правильное" решение и мы его скорее всего опубликуем.

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Задание 1
1. In a street
2. In a bank
3. In an office
4. On TV
5. In a hospital
Диалог A В С D
Задание 2
1. At an airport
2. In a shop
3. At home
4. In a street
5. In a cinema
Диалог А В С D
Задание 3
1. In a street
2. At home
3. In a vet’s
4. At university
Раздел 1. Аудирование 7
5. In a pet shop
Диалог A В С D
1. In a street
2. At a cinema
3. At a shop
4. At chemist’s
5. At customs
Задание 4
Диалог А В С D
Задание 5
1. At a booking office
2. At a restaurant
3. At a doctor
4. In an office
5. In a supermarket
Диалог А В С D
Задание 6
1. At a cafe
2. At a station
3. At a library
4. At a airport
5. At a post office
Диалог А В С D
8 Английский язык. Все типы заданий за курс основной школы
Задание 7
1. At a doctor
2. At home
3. At customs
4. At a post office
5. On a bus
Диалог A В С D
Задание 8
1. In doctor’s surgery
2. At a police station
3. In a shopping centre
4. At hairdresser’s
5. At school
Диалог А В С D
Задание 9
1. On board a ship
2. In a classroom
3. On an excursion
4. In a restaurant
5. At an airport
Диалог А В С D
4 Задание 10
1. In a shopping centre
2. At dentist’s
3. In a pet shop
4. At an airport
5. At vet’s
Раздел 1. Аудирование 9
Диалог А В С D
Задание 11
1. In a swimming pool
2. In a street
3. On a bus excursion
4. In a travel agency
5. In a hotel
Диалог А В С D
Задание 12
1. At a veterinary clinic
2. At a pharmacy
3. At a hospital
4. At dentist’s
5. At a doctor’s office
Диалог А В С D

Задание 13
1. The speaker has gotten lost in the city.
' 2. The speaker has gotten lost in the mountain.
3. The speaker has gotten lost in the ocean.
4. The speaker has gotten lost in the countryside.
5. The speaker has gotten lost in the desert.
6. The speaker has gotten lost in the jungle.
Говорящий A В С D E
Задание 14
1. This music amuses public.
2. This music challenges people by its strength.
3. This music reflects social problems.
Раздел 1. Аудирование 11
4. This music is memorized quickly.
5. This music spread rapidly in Europe.
6. This music is based on native culture.
Говорящий A В С D E
Задание 15
1. The biggest fast food.
2. The most unusual colour.
3. The longest kind of transport.
4. The coldest place in the universe.
5. The funniest story.
6. The highest construction.
Говорящий A В С D Е
Задание 16
1. The speaker observes the regular meals schedule.
2. The speaker refuses to eat fast food.
3. The speaker says she/he doesn’t care much about nutrition rules.
4. The speaker eats a lot of fruit.
5. The speaker says that food should be properly combined.
6. The speaker consults with a specialist.
Говорящий А В С D Е
Задание 17
1. The speaker says that the situation is not so simple as you might expect.
2. The speaker says that very often people get rid of their pets.
3. The speaker says that the number of your domestic duties will increase.
4. The speaker says that it’s important to feed your pets properly.
5. The speaker says about the rules of choosing a cage.
6. The speaker says about the things you should think before choosing
a pet.
12 Английский язык. Все типы заданий за курс основной школы
Говорящий A В С D E
Задание 18
1. The speaker speaks about a tradition of independence.
2. The speaker speaks about traditional food.
3. The speaker speaks about famous Scots.
4. The speaker speaks about traditional clothes.
5. The speaker speaks about a country of romantic landscapes.
6. The speaker speaks about outdoor activities.
Говорящий A В С D Е
Задание 19
1. The speaker says about public discussion.
2. The speaker says who can be an American president.
3. The speaker says who cannot elect the president.
4. The speaker says about people’s expectations.
5. The speaker says about the two rival parties.
6. The speaker says about selection of representatives.
Говорящий А В С D Е
Задание 20
1. Greenpeace agreed they were mistaken about the amount of oil on
the platform.
2. The Greenpeace campaign against the oil company Shell had many
3. Out at sea, Greenpeace activists won the fight against Shell.
4. People trusted Greenpeace more than the Shell oil company.
5. Greenpeace used different methods for fighting against the Shell
6. Greenpeace was able to control their supporters’ violent actions.
Раздел 1. Аудирование 13
Говорящий A В С D E
Задание 21
1. The speaker didn’t like the way the actors played the leading parts.
2. The speaker thinks the actors played their parts realistically.
3. The speaker found the performance enjoyable.
4. The speaker thinks the performance was a waste of time and money.
5. The speaker enjoys watching plays more than anything else.
6. The speaker thinks that some people don’t care for serious plays.
Говорящий A В С D Е
Задание 22
1. The speaker talks about friendship as the beginning of love.
2. The speaker talks about uselessness of life without love.
3. The speaker talks about different attitudes to love.
4. The speaker talks about that true companionship gives psychological
5. The speaker talks about individual opinions being varied.
6. The speaker talks about his disapproval of negative attitude to love.
Говорящий А В С D Е
Задание 23
1. Museum of the Moving Image
2. Museum of Transport
3. Health Care Museum
4. Theatre Museum
5. National Museum of History
6. National Museum of Medicine
Говорящий А В С D Е

Задание 24
1. James came to the appointment because
1) he was meeting with his friend.
2) he was having an interview.
3) he was taking part in a survey.
2. James had got his first job after_____
1) graduating university.
2) finishing school.
3) doing some course.
3. At first James came to Russia______
1) to get some job.
2) to have some practice.
3) on holiday.
4. When James came to Russia he could_
1) speak Russian fluently
2) speak Russian quite well.
3) not speak Russian at all.
5. In future James would like_____
1) to get back to Russia.
2) to travel for a job.
3) to start his own business.
6. In his new job it’s important to James _
1) to have a growth in his career.
2) to get better salary.
3) to have friendly colleagues.
Задание 25
1. The interviewer wants to know_____
1) how this method works.
2) his/her health condition.
3) his/her abilities.
16 Английский язык. Все типы заданий за курс основной школы
2. The Balance Test is_____
1) easy for young people.
2) very long.
3) difficult for everyone.
3. The main aim of the Ruler Test is_____
1) to find out which is the leading hand.
2) to know how long you can hold the hand up.
3) to examine your reaction.
4. The interviewer can touch his/her_____
1) toes.
2) knees.
3) ankles.
5. The interviewer shows the results that are_____
1) better for her/his age.
2) the same for her/his age.
3) worse for her/his age.
6. The author of this method thinks that_____
1) the majority of people cares about their health.
2) the minority of people keeps fit.
3) everybody keep fit.
Задание 26
1. You can have a wrong opinion about American teenagers
1) you have been watching too much television.
2) you have been reading too many newspapers.
3) you have been surfing the Internet blogs too often.
2. Most teenagers don’t have enough money_____ •
1) to get drugs.
2) to buy a bicycle.
3) to have their own car.
3. The situation with drugs in America_____
1) is becoming worse.
Раздел 1. Аудирование 17
2) is worrying the government.
3) is improving.
4. American teens think their teachers_____
1) are incompetent.
2) give too much homework.
3) are unfair to pupils. .
5. Most American people_____
1) enjoy sports.
2) don’t like to earn money.
3) like to compete.
6. Nowadays young Americans have to work harder than ever
1) because the number of old people are growing.
2) because of the economic crisis.
3) because they want to have more money.
Задание 27
1. Modem ice hockey is believed to be invented_____
1) in Europe.
2) in Canada.
3) in Great Britain.
2. The first organized ice hockey team was formed_____
1) in 1877.
2) in 1879.
3) in 1893.
3. Hockey is one of th e_____ games.
1) longest
2) speediest
3) easiest
4. Hockey is hard to play because_____
1) there are too many rules for the game.
2) the puck (шайба) is very cold.
3) the puck moves faster than the players.
2 .3ajc No 126
18 Английский язык. Все типы заданий за курс основной школы
5. Goalkeepers wear special masks_____
1) not to be injured.
2) to protect their faces from cold.
3) not to be recognized.
6. Street hockey is played mostly_____
1) by teenagers.
2) by sponsors.
3) by professional players.
Задание 28
1. The festival took place_____
1) on the stadium.
2) in a concert hall in New York.
3) on a private farm.
2. Nearly_____ people attended the festival.
1) 50 000
2) 500 000
3 ) 50
3. _____ refused to take part in the festival.
1) Rolling Stones
2) Joe Cocker
3) Hendrix
4. The famous Freedom song_____
1) was prohibited.
2) opened the festival.
3) ended the festival.
5. One of the serious problems became____
1) heavy rain.
2) traffic jams.
3) visitors without tickets.
6. Many people suffered from_____
1) thieves.
2) heavy rain.
Раздел 1. Аудирование 19
3) drinking and drugs.
Задание 29
1. Thames is called “liquid history” because_____
1) many important events took place on it.
2) many books and poems were written about it.
3) it has both sea water and fresh water.
2. The Thames is the longest river_____
1) in England.
2) in the United Kingdom.
3) in Europe.
3. A special celebration of “Old Father Thames” takes place___
1) in summer.
2) in spring.
3) in autumn.
4. The first Thames Festival started with_____
1) fireworks.
2) an amazing high wire walk across the Thames.
3) live music and dancing.
5. This year_____ performers took part in the colourful parade.
2 ) 1500
3) 500
6. The Sunday night carnival is followed by_____
1) by sport competitions.
2) by Lady Godiva’s performance.
3) a beautiful fireworks.
Задание 30
1. What is Water World?
1) A leisure centre
2) A sports club
3) An aquarium
20 Английский язык. Все типы заданий за курс основной школы
2. What is included in a aqua disco ticket?
1) Free CDs
2) A prize
3) A meal
3. What time does Water World open?
1) At 6 o’clock
2) At 9 o’clock
3) At 10 o’clock
4. How often does the food menu change?
1) Every day
2) Twice a week
3) Every month
5. The price of a ticket depends o n _____
1) how old you are.
2) how tall you are.
3) how long you stay.
6. What can one of the aqua park staff do on your birthday?
1) Play party games
2) Sing to music
3) Take your photo
Задание 31
1. The reason for the singer’s first journey was his_____
1) curiosity.
2) father’s business.
3) mother’s wish.
2. The singer started his career in show business_____
1) performing in the American Negro Theatre.
2) singing Afro- American rhythms and blues.
3) doing drama classes in Chicago.
3. The singer thinks travelling is most important for_____
1) coming into contact with people.
Раздел 1. Аудирование 21
2) being successful in business.
3) establishing political contacts.
4. The singer believes art should be_____
1) idealistic.
2) realistic.
3) rebellious.
5. The singer uses his popularity to _____
1) earn more money.
2) promote improvements in society.
3) have power and significance.
6. The singer thinks his trip to Africa in 1985 was
1) unsuccessful.
2) long and tiring.
3) quite dangerous.
Задание 32
1. What does Sophie want from Freddie?
1) To help her collect money
2) To give her his spare money
3) To lend her his pocket money
2. How long has Mrs Nash been at the school?
1) 13 years
2) 14 years
3) 30 years
3. What can’t Sophie remember?
1) What sort of teacher Mrs Nash was
2) How to solve algebra problems
3) The reason they had to stay after class
4. What does Freddie say Mrs Nash was good at?
1) Cooking
2) Painting
3) Hockey
22 Английский язык. Все типы заданий за курс основной школы
5. Why do they decide against perfume as a gift?
1) It doesn’t last long.
2) They don’t think she wears it.
3) It’s not a very tactful idea.
6. Why do they decide on a portrait?
1) They know an artist.
2) Mrs Nash buys paintings on holidays.
3) Mrs Nash goes on painting holidays.
Задание 33
1. How did Mia become interested in swimming?
1) Her father encouraged her to get involved.
2) She loved swimming at school.
3) Her mum ran swimming classes.
2. How does Mia feel about training in Britain?
1) She feels the training is too difficult.
2) She would prefer to train in Kenya.
3) She appreciates the quality of training.
3. Mia says that living away from home_____
1) isn’t easy to get used to.
2) is hard but worth it.
3) makes her feel lonely.
4. When does Mia have-swimming training?
1) Seven days a week
2) From Monday to Friday
3) Every other evening
5. What did Mia’s teacher say about her?
1) She wasn’t a good swimmer.
2) She should study harder.
3) She would be a success.
Раздел 1. Аудирование 23
6. How does Mia describe herself?
1) Impatient
2) Eager to win
3) Hardworking
Задание 34
1. What is TRUE according to the text?
1) New Yorkers know a lot about New England.
2) All new comers are supposed to k-icw New England well.
3) New York is far away from New England.
2. Which of the following places IS NOT part of New England?
1) Massachusetts
2) Rhodes
3) Vermont
3. This area became an official colony of England_____
1) before the 17th century.
2) in the 17th century.
3) after the 17th century.
4. When is New England most attractive to visitors according to Susan?
1) In autumn
2) In summer
3) In winter
5. Susan believes that New England_____
1) has changed a lot.
2) is only good for quiet holidays.
3) would be boring for jazz lovers.
6. What makes attractions in New England special?
1) They are located in both big cities like Boston and small villages.
2) You can visit all of them in two-three days.
3) They are only available for passengers of cruise ships.

Check your knowledge of English grammar.
Тест 1
Present Tenses
(Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect,
Present Perfect Continuous)
1. Where is Mary? She______ shopping. She’ll be back soon.
a. goes b. is going c. has gone
2. Look! That m an______ to open your car.
a. try b. is trying c. has been trying
3. My brother is very sporty, h e______ football a lot.
a. plays b. is playing c. has played
4. I _____ to buy a new dress for the next party.
a. go b. am going c. have gone
5. My cousin_______ with us for two weeks, he hasn’t gone away yet.
a. is staying b. has stayed c. has been staying
6. Hello! Where____ you____ ?
a. do_go b. are___going c. have____ gone
7. I miss her. She_____ at home for ages.
a. isn’t b. isn’t being c. hasn’t been
8. Hurry up! Everybody_____ for you.
a. waits b. is waiting c. has waited
9. I am very tired but I _____ my work yet.
a. don’t finish
b. am not finishing
c. haven’t finished
10. I t____ hard since morning, I can’t go for a walk.
a. rains b. is raining c. has rained
Раздел 3. Грамматика 77
11. Don’t worry! We_____ dinner in a few minutes.
a. have b. are having c. have had
12. Sue has lost her job, she_____ for a new one for a few months.
a. looks b. is looking c. has been looking
13. _____ she always dreamt to become an actress?
a. Does b. Is c. Has
14. I sometimes_____ coffee with my friends in the morning.
a. have b. am having c. has had
15. I ______ her for many years, we can trust her.
a. know b. have known c. have been knowing
16. — Can you drive?
— No, I ___ still___ .
a. don’t ____learn
b. am____ learning
c. have____ learned
17. My children___to the cinema. They aren’t at home now.
a. go b. are going c. have gone
18. Look! Somebody_____ your luggage.
a. steals b. is stealing c. has stolen
19. She is very shy, she_____ much.
a. doesn’t talk b. isn’t talking c. hasn’t talked
20. Let’s have some hot tea. I t____ chilly.
a. gets b. is getting c. has got
78 Английский язык. Все типы заданий за курс основной школы
Test 2
Past Tenses
(Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect,
Past Perfect Continuous)
1. When I arrived home, the police_____ for me for a few hours.
a. waited b. was waiting c. had been waiting
2. It dark, when I saw the land at last.
a. got b. was getting c. had been getting
3. Bob iust into the house when I phoned him.
a. didn’t enter
b. was entering
c. had entered
4. l that accident on the road the whole day.
a. remembered
b. was remembering
c. had remembered
5. She_____ as a nurse for five years before she entered to the medical
a. worked b. had worked c. had been working
6. He knew that place very well because h e_____ there many times.
a. was b. was being c. had been
7. The teacher guessed that the pupils_____ the lesson.
a. didn’t know
b. weren’t knowing
c. hadn’t known
8. She told me that she_____ there before.
a. lived b. was living c. had lived
9. Mary’s eyes were wet and red because she_____ at that moment.
a. cried b. was crying c. had cried
Раздел 3. Грамматика 79
10. When I _____ David he was very tired.
a. met b. was meeting c. had met
11. While I______ through the report I found a mistake.
a. looked b. was looking c. had looked
12. H e______ for a few hours through the forest before he reached the
a. walked b. was walking c. had been walking
13. _____ she_______a new dress for birthday party yesterday.
a. D id___buy
b. Was____ buying
c. H ad___bought
14. The weather changed my planes, as I _____ to the picnic.
a. went b. was going c. had gone
15. The police stopped him, because h e_____ on a high speed before.
a. drove b. was driving c. had been driving
16. When I _____ the dolphin it was swimming next to our boat.
a. saw b. was seeing c. had seen
17. I _____ about everything before I made a decision.
a. thought b. was thinking c. had been thinking
18. _____ they______the researches by the end of the year?
a. D id____ finish
b. Were____ finishing
c. H ad____ finished
19. When parents entered the room the children_____ loudly.
a. played b. were playing c. had played
20. I _____ sleepy when I was driving home last night.
a. felt b. was feeling c. had felt
80 Английский язык. Все типы заданий за курс основной школы
Test 3
Future Tenses
(Present Simple, Present Continuous, Future Simple,
Future Continuous, Future Perfect)
1. Don’t go awav, we dinner in half an hour.
a. will have b. will be having c. are having
2. I hope vou make any mistakes in your final test.
a. don’t b. won’t c. aren’t
3. He’s seriously ill. He in bed for the next week.
a. stays b. will stay c. will be staying
4. Don’t worry I it without your help.
a. will do b. will be doing c. will have done
5. I hope vou your project by the conference next week.
a. will finish
b. will be finishing
c. will have finished
6. See vou soon. Remember we next Monday.
a. are meeting b. will meet c. will be meeting
7. Don’t disturb me tomorrow. I all day long.
a. will work b. will be working c. will have worked
8. If vou vour breakfast vou will be hungry later.
a. don’t eat b. aren’t eating c. won’t eat
9. I hope they by the wedding ceremony.
a. arrive b. will arrive c. will have arrived
10. I for you if you are late.
a. wait b. will be waiting c. will have waited
11. I definitely know that this shop at 10 o’clock.
a. opens b. is opening c. will have opened
Раздел 3. Грамматика 81
12. At this time tomorrow we____in the sea.
a. swim b. are swimming c. will be swimming
13. We have already decided. This year we______ to the mountains on
a. are going b. will be going c. will have gone
14. Today is football final match. Of course, I _____ it.
a. watch
b. will be watching
c. will have watched
15. Do you think you_____ your work on time?
a. finish b. will be finishing c. will have finished
16. If you lose your job I ___you to find the new one.
a. help b. am helping c. will help
17. It’s too late. The film_____ by the time we get to the cinema.
a. finishes b. will finish c. will have finished
18. — Sorry, I’ve forgotten my phone.
— Don’t worry I ___you mine.
a. give b. will give c. am giving
19. He is very busy this morning. H e_____his report for the boss.
a. writes b. will write c. will be writing
20. Ann has already booked the hotel, she_____ in the morning.
a. is leaving b. will leave c. will have left

Test 4
Passive Voice
1. When I entered the kitchen the large fish_____ in the oven.
a. is roasted b. was roasted c. was being roasted
2. The grass should_____ every week.
a. is cut b. be cut c. been cut
3. All rubbish_____ in modern Japan.
a. is recycled
b. was recycled
c. was being recycled
4. This famous Italian painting______ now.
a. is restored
b. is being restored
c. will be restored
5. Your luggage_____ soon.
a. is brought
b. is being brought
c. will be brought
6. This road______ by local people because it’s dangerous.
a. isn’t used b. wasn’t used c. won’t used
7. You can drive away your car___just____ .
a. is___repaired
b. was____ repaired
c. has___been repaired
8. Criminals_____ by the police after the bank robbery last Monday.
a. are arrested
b. were arrested
c. will be arrested
9. He said that the hotel____ for seven days.
a. is booked b. was booked c. had been booked
84 Английский язык. Все типы заданий за курс основной школы
10. The birthday cake_____ very quickly by children. Look, the plate is
a. is eaten b. was eaten c. has been eaten
11. The problem can____ easily.
a. be solved b. is solved c. been solved
12. The dirty dishes _____ thoroughly by this new dish-washer
a. are washed
b. are being washed
c. had been washed
13. H e____ offby his close friend at an airport yesterday.
a. is seen b. was seen c. will be seen
14. This difficult operation______ tomorrow by an experienced doctor.
a. is done b. was done c. will be done
15. At that time yesterday the final cup m atch_____ on TV.
a. is being shown
b. was being shown
c. will be shown
16. My camera_____ from my hotel room in Egypt.
a. is stolen b. was stolen c. will be stolen
17. All clothes had to ____ for a few minutes.
a. be packed b. was packed c. been packed
18. Most of my salary_____ for food and flat now.
a. is spent b. was spent c. will be spent
19. We couldn’t open the door because the key____ .
a. was lost b. has been lost c. had been lost
20. Don’t enter the room because it_____ now.
a. is cleaned b. is being cleaned c. has been cleaned
Раздел 3. Грамматика 85
Test 5
1. Don’t worry! We can take care of
a. myself b. ourselves c. themselves
2. At this time tomorrow we will be in Rome.
a. somebody b. something c. somewhere
3. I met for the first time when we were at school.
a. us b. hi c. him
4. We had a good time together with in Paris.
a. it b. they c. them
5. Have you got free time for me?
a. some b. any c. every
6. could see what I did in the room.
a. Nobody b. Nowhere c. Nothing
7. Would you like to drink?
a. anything b. something c. nothing
8. I couldn’t get to the conference because there were
a. no b. some c. any
9. The knife is very sharp. Don’t cut
a. yourself b. yourselves c. myself
10. These are my books and where are ?
a. them b. your c. yours
11. I have got information for my colleague.
a. an b. some c. any
12. There is wrong with vour computer.
a. something b. anything c. everything
places in the
86 Английский язык. Все типы заданий за курс основной школы
13. ____ of my family like Japanese food.
a. Neither b. Both c. None
14. I invited a friend of
a. me b. mine c. myself
15. George said that the mistake wasn’t
a. me b. it c. his
16. We must do what we can.
a. anything b. everything c. nothing
17. entered the room but I didn’t know him.
a. Somebody b. Something c. Somewhere
18. Don’t take chair, it’s personal for our chairman.
a. this b. those c. these
19. I can’t trust she always tells a lie.
a. it b. you c. her
20. Look at this dog, Daw is injured.
a. its b. our c. their

Test 6
1. If h e_____hard, he won’t pass the exams.
a. doesn’t study b. didn’t study c. hadn’t studied
2. If you push this button the light_____ on.
a. switches b. will switch c. would switch
3. If I had got a camera, I ______ some photos of the mountain on my
last trip.
a. will take b. would take c. would have taken
4. If you did exercises every morning you_____ better.
a. feel b. will feel c. would feel
5. If we______ some flour we could make some pancakes.
a. have b. had c. would have
6. I’ll phone you when I _____ to the new flat.
a. move b. moved c. had moved
88 Английский язык. Все типы заданий за курс основной школы
7. If you enter incorrect PIN code, you____ out your money.
a. don’t draw b. didn’t draw c. won’t draw
8. If youwhatever you want, what would you buy?
a. can buy b. could buy c. will be able to buy
9. I will lend you some money if you____ to give it back on time.
a. promise b. promised c. had promised
10. It was raining hard. If I had taken an umbrella I ________ so wet.
a. won’t be b. wouldn’t be c. wouldn’t have been
11. If she can translate this text, I _________very surprised.
a. will be b. would be c. would have been
12. It was late at night. If I _____enough money, I ______a taxi.
a. have, will take
b. had, would take
c. had had, would have taken
13. If you__ _tired, don’t drive a car.
a. are b. were c. had been
14. My m um______ angry if my friends_______to my place.
a. is, will come
b. will be, come
c. were, would come
15. The water_____ frozen if the temperature____ below zero.
a. is, is b. will be, is c. was, would be
16. I would buy more books if they_____ so expensive.
a. aren’t b. weren’t c. hadn’t been
17. Ifl were you I _____ more polite.
a. am b. will be c. would be
18. If you had booked a table, we_____ in a queue.
a. won’t stand
b. wouldn’t stand
c. wouldn’t have stood
Раздел 3. Грамматика 89
19. If she got a ticket she______ to the concert with us.
a. will go b. would go c. would have gone
20. If she_____ my money back I will apply to the court.
a. doesn’t give b. didn’t give c. hadn’t given

Задание 1
Give а 1,5—2 minute talk on one of your favourite films.
Remember to say:
— if it is a Russian or a foreign film;
— what the film is about;
— why you like it.
Задание 2
Give a 1,5-2 minute talk on your ideal holiday.
Remember to say:
— what type of holiday is ideal for you;
— whom you like to spend it with;
— what you enjoy doing.
Задание 3
.Give a 1,5—2 minute talk on sports.
Remember to say:
— which type of sports you like and why;
— how important sport is in your life;
— if you do any sport.
Задание 4
Give a 1,5—2 minute talk about weather.
Remember to say:
— what type of weather you get at your place;
— how the weather changes during the year;
— what type of weather is your favourite.
Задание 5
Give a 1,5—2 minute talk on your favourite place.
Remember to say:
— where your favourite place is;
— how often you go there;
— why it is your favourite.
Раздел 6. Говорение 121
Задание 6
Give a talk about summer jobs for teenagers. Remember to say:
— why teenagers do summer jobs;
— whether any of your friends/brothers/sisters do summer jobs; what
jobs are these;
— whether you would like to do summer job or not, why
You have to talk for 1,5—2 minutes.
Задание 7
Give a talk on travelling.
Remember to say:
— where and when you travelled last;
— who you travelled with;
— what season you think is best for travelling.
You will have to talk for 1,5—2 minutes.
Задание 8
Give a talk on teenage fashions. Remember to say:
— if both teenage boys and girls pay attention to fashion, why;
— what fashion style you prefer;
— if you would recommend to introduce a fashionable school uniform,
why/why not.
You have to talk for 1,5—2 minutes.
Задание 9
Give a talk about your plans for the next school year. Remember to say:
— if you are going to continue your education at school or anywhere
else, why;
— what subject would you like to specialize in;
— if you plan to attend any clubs, sections or extra classes, why/why not.
You have to talk for 1,5—2 minutes.
Задание 10
Give a talk about your favourite school subject.
Remember to say:
— which of the school subjects you like most, why;
— what you do during the lessons;
122 Английский язык. Все типы заданий за курс основной школы
— whether this subject is going to be useful for your life and career, and
why/why not.
You have to talk for 1,5—2 minutes.
Задание 11
You and your friend are responsible for organization of a special summer
trip to one of the cities of the United Kingdom. Discuss with your friend
where you would like to go: London, Brighton, Oxford, Edinburgh.
— Explain the situation.
— Come up with your ideas.
— Give good reasons.
— Find out your friend’s attitudes and take them into account.
— Invite your friend to come up with suggestions.
— Make a decision.
Задание 12
Your friend and you want to organize a birthday celebration for your
younger brother. You can choose a swimming pool, a cafe', a cinema, a
Puppet theatre.
— Explain the situation.
— Come up with your ideas.
— Give good reasons.
— Find out your friend’s attitudes and take them into account.
— Invite your friend to come up with suggestions.
— Make a decision.
Задание 13
You and your friend are going to organize a New Year’s party at school.
You can choose from fancy dress party, disco with a famous DJ, theatre
performance and quiz show.
— Explain the situation.
— Come up with your ideas.
— Give good reasons.
— Find out your friend’s attitudes and take them into account.
— Invite your friend to come up with suggestions.
— Make a decision.
Раздел 6. Говорение 123
Задание 14
You and your friend are thinking of creating a website together. You are
discussing what your site is going to be about. Here are the possible subjects:
— your favourite singer/actor;
— your school;
— your town;
— your pets.
Задание 15
You are at the travel agency in London. You want to travel to Bath
tomorrow. You can pay £30 only. Before making a decision ask the travel
agent about:
— the time of departure and arrival;
— the different means of transport;
— the cost;
— the route.
Задание 16
You play the part of a student. Your family and you are hosting your
English-speaking exchange student for two weeks. It is the end of the school
week and you are on the way with your exchange student.
— Ask the student if he would like to do anything in particular for the
— Give information on a sport activity to do and a historic/tourist site
to visit in your town/area!
— Suggest doing the sport activity and explain why.
— Do NOT accept student’s invitation and explain why. (need rest
before long cycle)
You begin the conversation. The examiner will play the part of your
exchange student. Remember to:
— mention all four aspects of the task;
— be active and polite.
Задание 17
You play the part of a student who has just arrived in England for a oneyear
study programme. You ask your classmate if you can borrow his/her
camera. You need it to take an ID photo for a gym membership.
124 Английский язык. Все типы заданий за курс основной школы
— Ask for the camera and explain why you need it.
— Answer your classmates questions about the gym.
— Recommend the gym to your classmate.
— Accept your classmates offer.
You begin the conversation. The examiner will play the part of the
Remember to:
— mention all four aspects of the task;
— be active and polite
Задание 18
You are participating with your school in an International Crafts Fare.
You want to bring home some memorable local souvenirs. Talk to the
coordinator of the fare and Find about the best place to shop for local crafts
or souvenirs. Ask the coordinator about
— if there is a shop that specializes on local gifts;
— location and working hours of good souvenir shops;
— possible price for local crafts.
You begin the conversation. The examiner will play the part of the
coordinator. Remember to:
— Find out the needed factual information asking questions;
— make suggestions;
— be polite.
Задание 19
You are in an international summer camp. You’ve got a task to make
a report about rare animals for the Science Day. Talk to coordinator of
the project and Find out about the details of report presentation. Ask the
coordinator about
— if there are any recommendations for the subject and the format of
the project;
— available resources;
— the working hours of the computer lab and the library.
You begin the conversation. The examiner will play the part of the
coordinator. Remember to:
— Find out the needed factual information asking questions;
— make suggestions;
— be polite.
Раздел 6. Говорение 125
Задание 20
You play the part of a student in an international school. Your
classmate’s parents have invited you to spend the weekend at their house
in the countryside. You need to make a local telephone call to reserve a
train ticket but you can’t do it as your phone battery is flat. You see another
classmate, Ben/Brenda, in the school corridor.
— Ask your classmate’s permission to use his/her phone, explain what
— Answer his/her question(s) about how you usually spend weekends in
Russia and what you do to relax.
— Answer the question(s) about what ecological problems worry people
in Russia.
— Accept your classmate’s suggestion.
You begin the conversation. The examiner will play the part of your
Remember to
— cover all four aspects of the task;
— be active and polite.


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